News 2012

Kill time with 100 Roskilde dice games
mandag 02.07.12
Creative minds have for the last couple of months been able to come up with rules for a Roskilde Dice Game. Ne...
WiFi trouble
mandag 02.07.12
The FestivalNet trouble have now been solved for danish credit card holders
mandag 02.07.12
Street City at Roskilde Festival presents some of the world’s best skaters during warm-up. New this year is th...
Camp of the day: Farmer dating and a roll in the hay
mandag 02.07.12
Orange Press has found the first nominees for Camp of the Year way out in the country.
Tragic death last night at Roskilde
mandag 02.07.12
A 20-year-old Swedish man has died as a result of drug consumption.
See the pictures from yesterday's concerts
mandag 02.07.12
Roskilde warm-up has begun. Look at the great pictures from the concerts at Pavillion Junior Sunday.
Apollo Countdown stays at Agora L for one more day
søndag 01.07.12
Apollo Countdown stays at Agora L tomorrow Monday. The band schedule goes ahead as planned.
Help the homeless
søndag 01.07.12
Donate your sleeping bags or unopened cans to the homeless people in Denmark.
Roskilde Festival is almost sold out
lørdag 30.06.12
Indecisive festival guests should hurry up. Roskilde Festival is almost sold out.
Where to find Apollo Countdown
fredag 29.06.12
Our stage, Apollo, moves around to different camping areas during our warm-up days under the name Apollo Count...
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