News 2012

The first metal acts ruin the peace of Christmas
torsdag 15.12.11
Devildriver and Nasum are added to the 2012 programme.
Roskilde Festival supports street newspapers in Scandinavia
onsdag 14.12.11
Four Scandinavian street newspapers have each received a donation of 25,000 euro from the profits from Roskild...
Close fight between The Ultimate Music Masterminds
onsdag 14.12.11
We have drawn another winner of the bonus prize in Roskilde Festival’s music quiz and have a look at the curre...
Bruce Springsteen to play Roskilde Festival 2012
mandag 12.12.11
The American rock icon and his faithful E Street Band play our Orange Stage this summer.
The first winner is found in the music quiz
onsdag 07.12.11
We have drawn the first weekly winner who receives our brand-new board game Camp Roskilde.
Wiz Khalifa to play Roskilde Festival 2012
onsdag 07.12.11
Royce Da 5’9” and Yelawolf joins the programme as well.
Put your camp on a board
tirsdag 06.12.11
In 'Camp Roskilde' you have to prove that you have the coolest camp. Roskilde Festival's first official board ...
Bon Iver to play Roskilde Festival 2012
mandag 05.12.11
The bearded folk hero is a new early triumph for the coming music programme.
The audience think Bon Iver will play
fredag 02.12.11
The audience has guessed on who Roskilde Festival announces for 2012. Round 1 of the guessing contest has just...
Beware of unofficial ticket sales
torsdag 01.12.11
Unofficial vendors sell overpriced Roskilde tickets. Be careful not be cheated.
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