News 2012

Roskilde Cinema programme out now
torsdag 21.06.12
Roskilde Cinema has grown bigger and bigger over the last couple of years. Not only does Cinema City offer the...
Leave your personal mark on the grandstand wall
onsdag 20.06.12
Sign painter and former graffiti artist Steve Powers has the prestigious job of painting the grandstand wall b...
Your camping experience is constantly developing - even when you're not there
tirsdag 19.06.12
Roskilde Festival is enriched with the most creative campers in the World. The dialogue-seeking camping guide ...
Tamikrest replaces Terakaft
tirsdag 19.06.12
Visa troubles forces Terakaft to change their European tour. Instead of Terakraft, we have a related band read...
No need for cash at this year's festival
tirsdag 19.06.12
For the first time a completely cash free area of the festival is introduced. You will not be able to buy anyt...
Co-create with Roskilde Festival
tirsdag 19.06.12
This spring Roskilde Festival went on a road trip to four cities in Northern Europe. Roskilde Road Trip has no...
Bring your tuxedo or fancy dress to this year's festival
mandag 18.06.12
Participate in an mp3 experiment, a giant flash mob and a very fancy party.
Donate Your LEGO men to Roskilde Festival
mandag 18.06.12
We have gotten our hands on a fantastic LEGO reproduction of the Orange Stage. But we lack LEGO people in fron...
The Stage Design of Apollo Will Be Otherworldly and Unique
fredag 15.06.12
Roskilde Festival’s new electronic stage has found its shape. With its futuristic, cocoon-like appearance Apol...
The band schedule is ready for Roskilde Festival 2012
onsdag 13.06.12
At the same time we announce Kraftklub, Lone, Christina Rosenvinge and The Sway Machinery.
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