News 2012

Does your camp have what it takes?
mandag 12.03.12
Do you think you have the coolest, most social and inventive festival camp? Prove it. Join the Camp of the Yea...
Roskilde Road Trip announces three live bands in Oslo
lørdag 10.03.12
Roskilde Road Trip hits its first city, Oslo, today, where enthusiastic souls can turn their finest ideas into...
Think outside the (trash)box - and win a festival ticket
fredag 09.03.12
Show that you can reuse trash created at the festival and participate to win a ticket for this year's festival...
Mac Miller coming to Roskilde Festival
onsdag 07.03.12
The Pittsburgh rapper joins the programme along with A$AP Rocky and Dominique Young Unique.
Do you dare to dream big?
tirsdag 06.03.12
This year Roskilde Festival can be exactly what you want it to be, when camping area P (East) is turned into D...
See today's heavy announcement here
fredag 02.03.12
In this video you can see which dark and heavy band we've just added to the lineup.
Can you create a festival?
torsdag 01.03.12
Roskilde Festival roars out into Northern Europe and stages a creative space in four cities. Are you the pione...
Mew to play Roskilde 2012
onsdag 29.02.12
The exclusive concert with the Nordic favourites is announced along with Mutiny On The Bounty and Ter Haar.
Roskilde Rising is a new initiative for upcoming bands
mandag 27.02.12
Roskilde Rising facilitates exciting meetings between young bands and a new audience.
Roskilde LABS invite creative mobile minds to play along
torsdag 23.02.12
Create useful, bizarre and spot-on applications for this year’s Roskilde Festival and win tickets.
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