News from 2013

From today you can print your ticket at home
onsdag 26.06.13
When you buy your Roskilde Festival ticket you can print the ticket at home.
Orange Karma
onsdag 26.06.13
Hummel and Roskilde Festival have created Orange Karma – a movement to Change the World through Sport and Musi...
Hook up your mobile to Wi-Fi at Roskilde Festival
tirsdag 25.06.13
We offer wireless internet for all web-hungry Roskilde-goers with hook-ups from several hotspots.
Only few Friday tickets left for sale
mandag 24.06.13
If you’re considering visiting Roskilde Festival on a festive Friday, you should buy your ticket now.
Explore this year’s festival food
mandag 24.06.13
With the Roskilde Festival food app, APPetizer you can explore the festivals food universe.
Full version of the official app ready for download
torsdag 20.06.13
The final version of our official festival app is ready to be downloaded for your iPhone, Android or Windows p...
Rethinking trash, trust and eight days
torsdag 20.06.13
We’re getting there, but a waste free Roskilde Festival is still a long way to go. In the mist of an eight-day...
Light up your tent and support families in Uganda
torsdag 20.06.13
For DKK 195 you can light up your tent with a good conscience.
Roskilde Festival Unveils This Year’s Food Events
onsdag 19.06.13
Compete in the Roskilde porridge championships, eat at Grandma’s place, find out what Lolland Falster tastes l...
Special parking for Roskilde Rideshare cars
tirsdag 18.06.13
Fill your car with fellow festivalgoers to get access to a special reserved parking and a chance to win 2014 t...
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