News from 2013

Slipknot to play Roskilde Festival 2013
onsdag 05.12.12
The clowns from hell play one of this summer's few chosen concerts on Roskilde Festival’s the Orange Stage.
New items and sale in the web shop
tirsdag 04.12.12
Roskilde Festival has new items in the web shop.
Relive Roskilde Festival 2012 while competing for cool prizes!
lørdag 01.12.12
Throughout December you can participate in our “What happens next” video quiz and win the Ultimate Roskilde Fe...
Queens of the Stone Age come to Roskilde 2013
fredag 30.11.12
The Neolithic gang is added to the lineup along with C2C and Daedelus.
Buy a photo with a view from the top of Orange Stage
mandag 19.11.12
The CphCph photographers are now selling photos shot from some of the most sought-out vantage points at Roskil...
Volbeat, Sigur Rós, Kvelertak and Goat to play Roskilde Festival 2013
onsdag 14.11.12
Nordic music package kickstarts the festival season.
Big donation to asylum projects in Norway and Sweden
tirsdag 13.11.12
Roskilde Festival Charity society donates DKK 500,000 (approx. EUR 67,000) to various asylum projects with hel...
Guess who plays at Roskilde Festival in 2013
fredag 09.11.12
Have you already figured out which artists who plays at Roskilde Festival in 2013? Then this quiz may be somet...
What does Roskilde Festival sound like?
onsdag 07.11.12
We’re looking for an Official Roskilde Festival Ringtone. Compose it and enter the contest for two tickets + t...
50 % off Roskilde Festival merchandise
onsdag 07.11.12
Are you one of the few, who didn’t get your hands on Roskilde festival’s official party suit? Now is the time...
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