News from 2013

Did you take the best photo at Roskilde Festival?
onsdag 18.07.12
Send us your best shots and enter the contest for a ticket to Roskilde Festival 2013.
Help us elect the best VideoMarathon films
mandag 16.07.12
Vote for the best short film and best music video and win Roskilde tickets.
Roskilde Festival 2012 says thank you!
mandag 09.07.12
The 2012 Roskilde Festival was about experiences unlike any you'll find outside Roskilde Festival. A programme...
Maglegårdsvej is made into a one-way street
søndag 08.07.12
If you are picking up festival guests by car, please be aware that Maglegårdsvej is made into a one-way street...
Camp of the Year is Camp Burt Reynolds
søndag 08.07.12
The inhabitants of Camp of the Year love Burt Reynolds! The stereo is called Boom-Burt, they have developed a ...
Camp of the Day: Blues girls and boys
lørdag 07.07.12
The diversity will not come to an end when awesome Norwegians offers 'a little Pilsen' (a little beer), open m...
Extra trains saturday night at 1.30 and 2.30 a.m.
lørdag 07.07.12
Saturday night at 1.30 and 2.30 a.m. extra trains will departure from the festival area heading for Copenhagen...
Reptile Youth will replace Penguin Prison
fredag 06.07.12
Electronic duo steps up for Roskilde Festival in the nick of time.
Peter Broderick plays instead of Gurrumul
fredag 06.07.12
The American multi instrumentalist will replace the Australian Sunday at Gloria
Camp of the Day: Gandalf, Gollum and Frodo are at the festival to check out girls
fredag 06.07.12
The fictional land of Mordor from the Lord of the Rings can be experienced at Roskilde Festival. The camp cons...
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