News from 2013

Music collective INGRID at Roskilde Festival 2013
onsdag 24.04.13
INGRID will take on the Orange Stage at this year’s Roskilde Festival with a unique show of the very best tune...
Buy this year's Roskilde Festival T-shirt
tirsdag 23.04.13
The official Roskilde Festival 2013 T-shirt is now on sale
The poster is ready
fredag 19.04.13
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, James Blake, Miguel, Suicidal Tendencies, Turbonegro and about 80 other names hav...
Watch the line-up 2013
torsdag 18.04.13
The Roskilde Festival 2013 line-up release
Explore the line-up and stay updated with app 3.0
onsdag 17.04.13
Keep Roskilde Festival in your pocket. Read news, explore this year's line-up, watch videos and share your fav...
Roskilde Festival Line-up Release 2013
onsdag 17.04.13
This Thursday we reveal the line-up for Roskilde Festival 2013!
Roskilde Festival 2013 line-up release events at Roskilde Road Trip
tirsdag 16.04.13
Watch the line-up release on Roskilde Road Trip.
More upcoming names for the Roskilde Festival 2013 line-up
onsdag 10.04.13
Today’s Danish package range from acoustic folk to punky electro.
Roskilde Road Trip has begun
tirsdag 09.04.13
Why wait until summer to experience Roskilde Festival when you can get a taste of it right now?
This year's audience T-shirt
lørdag 06.04.13
The festival-goers have found the winning T-shirt design.
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