News from 2013

New bands make the 2013 Roskilde Festival line-up even harder and heavier
onsdag 20.03.13
Chelsea Light Moving, Nazoranai, The Sword and Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats make up the latest addition to our 2...
A warm and sunny addition to the Roskilde Festival 2013 lineup
onsdag 13.03.13
Bombino, Hoba Hoba Spirit, Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs and Meridian Brothers bring some well-needed sunshine t...
Move to Dream City and get in 100 days before the festival opens
mandag 11.03.13
As a citizen in Dream City you can enter the festival area up to 100 days before it all kicks off and even get...
Get A Tent Uptown almost sold out
mandag 11.03.13
The popular camping option is almost full.
More electronic music at Roskilde Festival 2013
onsdag 06.03.13
Simian Mobile Disco, Carli, Eik, Gnucci and Lemâitre are added to the lineup.
Orange up your ringtone
tirsdag 05.03.13
We are proud to announce the official Roskilde Festival ringtone – designed by Mexican sound designer Pablo Be...
Do you need a little something extra?
fredag 01.03.13
Don’t want to struggle with pitching your tent, finding your way to the festival, buying breakfast? Or perhaps...
Who should play at Roskilde Festival 2013
fredag 01.03.13
Recommend an upcoming band for this year's festival and win tickets.
The canopy has been transformed
torsdag 28.02.13
We now humbly update our well-known symbol and logo.
4 solid acts coming to Roskilde Festival
onsdag 27.02.13
Today's music package offers electronica, folk pop and Danish-language pop.
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