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About Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival is the largest North European culture and music festival and has existed since 1971. We are a non-profit organisation consisting of about 50 full-time employees and thousands of volunteers.

During the festival itself the number of volunteers increases to about 32,000. These volunteers staff the festival stalls, build stages, provide camping security etc. Most volunteers are from cultural organisations and sports associations in the area. These clubs and societies run most of the stalls at the Festival Site, and with their great variety in goods and atmosphere the stalls contribute to the unique, intimate and exciting ambience at Roskilde Festival.

Non-profit society behind the festival
The Roskilde Festival Charity Society is the organiser of Roskilde Festival. The purpose of the society is to support initiatives benefitting children and young people and to support humanitarian and cultural work. The society's work is independent of party politics and has no geographical borders.

The Roskilde Festival Group is led by CEO, Henrik Rasmussen. He has appointed an executive board consisting of himself and Signe Lopdrup.


Roskilde Festival
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Telephone: (+45) 46 36 66 13
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E-mail: info@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk

Roskilde Festival
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