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One of the purposes of Roskilde Festival is to create greater tolerance and open-mindedness. From the very beginning, Roskilde Festival has had a humanitarian focus, and social responsibility has been an essential part of the festival since 2002.

In 2013, we focus especially on citizenship and “democrativism”. We call this CHANGE.

This focus is centred around initiating change through participation – and support the positive change that is going on all around you, as well as the change you participate in, and that which changes you!

With CHANGE we wish to inspire and empower our audience to create a more sustainable and socially just society – on the basis of Roskilde Festival. We wish to support a movement where thought is rapidly turned into action that then creates a change to benefit more than just the originator.

One way of achieving this, could be to acquire a “hacker mentality” with which a person or group changes something in order to improve it. Hacks are about taking charge; challenge and expand the boundaries we meet every day. Because by staying open and daring to share, we can learn something new and create the unexpected.

Why not use the festival as a chance to team up with other enthusiasts and bring your good ideas to life? Together create ideas and actions that can help improve every day life – during the festival as well as after you return home?

Dream City – have it your way
In Dream City you have the opportunity to create and build your own corner of Roskilde Festival. Here, anything is possible. Dream City is about community, co-creation, collaboration – and great ideas. Dream City is the place for those Roskilde participants who want to create unique content and the right setting for their festival. It is for the people who want to do something special with their camp, build something extraordinary, or create something that elevates the experience for their fellow festival-goers.

Learn more about Dream City and follow us on Facebook.

Dream City Makerspace
The place where impossible projects come to life.

Dream City Makerspace is a creative laboratory where only your imagination is the limit to what you can create. In Makerspace, it will be possible to solve the challenge you are grappling with and be inspired to realise the dreams you and your camp might have.

For instance you can 3D-print the peg your tent is missing, you can build your own speaker, or get help in arranging the coolest event in the camping area. Do you have new ideas as to how we can make Roskilde Festival even more sustainable and socially responsible – or would you like to create a brand new app?  No matter what your challenges or your dreams are, we would like to help you realise them. It begins with you and whether you dare to take the challenge. Have a look at the Makerspace programme.

A range of skilled and creative enthusiasts will be ready to help you on your way - FabLab Denmark, Labitat, Roskilde Libraries, INSP, Orange Innovation and 100 in 1 day, together with materials, 3D-printers, CNC-cutters, and other resources you might need. 

Here you can have a look at others who already made their dreams come true in Dream City

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