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100 in 1 day

1 Day To Rethink Copenhagen

On the 25th of May, the event ‘100in1day’ took place in Copenhagen and voluntary citizens spent the day creating happenings, pop-up cafés, urban hacks in the public space, and other initiatives to make the city a better place to be, and for the citizens of Copenhagen to get to know each other. Amongst the many initiatives, Fucking Flink (Fucking Nice ) had put up a pavilion at the Town Hall Square from where they assisted tourists. At another place, Imagine Nørrebro made a walk-and-talk bus line or a so called “conversation bus” – giving people a chance to get closer to each other through conversation. Heartfelt letters for strangers were distributed at Queen Louise’s Bridge, Gro i Byen (Grow in the City) was putting crates with rosemary up in the street signs near by the local Café Skrald, where everything from furniture to croissants had been procured through dumpster diving, found second-hand, or donated.

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