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Joule Thief

Light up your tent with a Joule Thief.

Have you ever tried brushing your teeth or finding your warm socks in a pitch-dark tent? Did you know that you can use an otherwise flat battery to build a Joule Thief that can light up your tent for a whole festival? Come and build your own Joule Thief in the MakerSpace - and make camp-life easier!

This year you can realize your ideas in the MakerSpace in Dream City. Among others, Roskilde Festival collaborates with the hacker space Labitat, who’ll contribute to the many possibilities and activities in the MakerSpace during the whole festival week.

As a preparation for the festival, Labitat and Roskilde Festival held a workshop in Copenhagen. At the workshop, all participants were introduced to Labitat and all the things that are possible there. They then learned to make their own Joule Thief – and understood how it is possible for it to work with an otherwise flat battery.

To participate required nothing more than a battery and just 20 kroner. In return, Labitat provided a Joule Thief-kit for every participant, which everyone transformed into the genius little flashlight by the help of provided soldering irons and a bit of knack.

The Joule Thief can stay lit for up to a week on an otherwise useless battery, with a strength that matches a regular flashlight – so it is great to have one with you when you need to find your way back to your tent after a late concert at Roskilde Festival!

All participants at the workshop could of course go home with their very own, glowing Joule Thief – now a little better prepared for the festival.

And so can you be! All it takes is that you come by the MakerSpace in Dream City at Roskilde Festival 2013. Labitat will be there with kits, soldering irons, and batteries at the ready.

Read more about Labitat or follow Labitat and their activities on Facebook   

Watch a short film from the Joule Thief workshop at Labitat here

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