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About Roskilde Festival Charity Society

Roskilde Festival Charity Society is the name of the organisation behind Roskilde Festival. It has roots going back to the 1930s.

Profits from the annual Roskilde Festival go exclusively to the Roskilde Festival Charity Society, supporting humanitarian and cultural projects. For more than 40 years, Roskilde Festival Charity Society has distributed over EUR 24 million from Roskilde Festival to Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International, Save the Children, WWF and many more.

However, the charity society has existed much longer than Roskilde Festival.

Roots in the 30s
In the 1930s Roskilde city had two independent organisations, Roskilde City Festival Committee and Roskilde Circle. Both worked to support children and young people through festivals, raffles, lotteries etc. In 1965 the two organisations joined forces and became Roskilde Charity Society.

In 1972 - the year after the first and rather chaotic festival in Roskilde - the city council asked Roskilde Charity Society to take over the music festival in Roskilde. The organisation agreed to give it a shot, and the festival grew quickly to become the organisation's colourful main activity.

In 2004 the organisation changed its name to Roskilde Festival Charity Society.

Roskilde Festival Charity Society's board of directors consists of six members elected at the annual general meeting. The board currently consists of Steen Jørgensen (chairman), Hanne Lumholt (vice chairman), Michael Røscher, Trine Bechmann Henningsen, Kim Ove Olsen and Birgitte Bech Gandløse.

Join us
If you have worked as a volunteer for at least 24 hours for Roskilde Festival (and not for a service association or another organisation), you can become a member of the society the following year, attend general meetings and run for the board. To become a member, please send your request with your full name and address to foreningen@roskilde-festival.dk.

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