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Your Donations

Your profits. Your Donations.

No profit without participants. Roskilde Festival makes a profit because you and buy a ticket, a meal or a beer. And we have to give it all away before next year’s festival.

With Your Donations we encourage you to suggest charitable projects to receive a part of the profit from Roskilde Festival.

In September 2013, we opened up for your nominations of charitable projects. We received more than 200 suggestions from you. A pile of very different projects, from local to global, for kids, young people, elderly, and concerning homeless, orphans, disabled, focused on relief, sports, dialogue, culture and so on. But the most inspirational part of all: some very passionate nominations. Thank you for that. 

All projects were reviewed via the following criteria:

• That the project can be defined as non-profit and beneficial for a larger group
• That the project is beneficial to (children and) young people
• That there is a connection with our focus on citizenship
• That the person, the proposal or the project had a clear link to Roskilde Festival

In this round of Your Donations we have DKK 450,000 to hand out (app. EUR 60.000). They are divided among these eight projects:

  • Danish Deaf Youth Association – fighting for rights of the deaf, Denmark
  • Lüttville – art- and culture camp for kids from rough neighbourhoods, Germany
  • DFUNK Outreach – start dialogue between pupils in school and refugees, Denmark
  • Tamam – friends across nationalities and backgrounds, Sweden
  • Reframe The City (Plan DK) – active citizenship in Western Africa 
  • LOCO-Motivet – breaking taboos on mental health issues, Denmark
  • Mariatjenesten – activities for socially vulnerable people in Vesterbro, Denmark
  • PB43 – cultural network and active citizenship for young people at Amager, Denmark

Your Donations has been launched to involve the participants of Roskilde Festival and give you influence on our non-profit work. We have not reviewed the suggestions as applications from associations but as suggestions from participants.

We’ll do a new round of Your Donations after Roskilde Festival 2014 – we hope you will send us more recommendations then.

On our Facebook you can see five festivalgoers telling us who they nominated for Your Donations and why

Read the Danish version here



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