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Photo: Mads Danquah

Roskilde Festival and CSR

We hardly ever use the term CSR about ourselves at Roskilde Festival, but sustainability and social responsibility is a big part of our DNA.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is about taking responsibility for the world that we are all a part of. Roskilde Festival Charity Society is the organisation behind Roskilde Festival. The society's purpose is to benefit children and young people and to support non-profit and cultural work. For us the social work is a cornerstone of Roskilde Festival, and it has always been natural for us to take responsibility for the world around us.

We see ourselves as co-creators of the world that we are a part of and want to take responsibility for and work toward a more sustainable world.

These are the central areas of our efforts at being a socially responsible organisation.

  • Non-profit structure: Through our organisation’s structure, we distribute every year’s profit to non-profit projects, and in that way we help cultivate the social work that is done within and outside of Denmark’s borders. Roskilde Festival is basically an event with focus on creating inclusiveness, tolerance and free space.
  • Volunteering: Roskilde Festival is based on volunteer work. Within that organisation lies a belief that every individual can participate with the skills they have – and that we need different skills. We want to create dedicated, playful, educative communities – among our volunteers and among the festivalgoers. Read more about our donations.
  • Involving the festivalgoers: Every year, about 100,000 young people visit the festival from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany. Roskilde is a festival – but we are a festival, that feels a responsibility for reflecting the society around us and wants not only to entertain, but also to challenge the festivalgoers – through music, art and statement campaigns. That is why every year we bring attention to problem areas, which we think we can change if we work together. In the course of time, we have brought attention to the Israel/Palestine conflict, climate changes in developing countries, sustainable solutions, poverty in Denmark, asylum seekers’ conditions in the Nordic countries and much more. The statement campaign often becomes a catalyst for the development of new ideas that become a part of Roskilde Festival. Read more about this year’s focus on citizenship CHANGE.
  • Platform for other organisations: We collaborate with many different local organisations and non-profit organisations that generate sales and strengthen their organisation by being involved in Roskilde Festival.
  • Sustainability: We have been working with environmental issues for several years and every year, we try to take a step toward a more sustainable festival. We are particularly interested in the garbage and food areas. Read more about our efforts in garbage and food.
  • Triple bottom line: We work with measuring all of our projects – we work with other projects than Roskilde Festival – from a triple bottom line that we call ØKKSE or in English CCASE; Cost-effective / Creative-Artistic / Social-Ethical.
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