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Latest donations

Your Donations: The festivalgoers decide
Friday 06.09.13
At the beginning of September 2013 Roskilde Festival launches the Your Donation campaign, where festivalgoers ...
Monday 08.07.13
This year Roskilde Festival’s special Orange Donation will be presented by Metallica. They have chosen to give...
Youth Meeting on Christiansø receives donation
Sunday 16.06.13
With CHANGE, Roskilde Festival 2013 puts focus on citizenship. That is why Roskilde Festival supported a compl...
New donations to support citizenship
Tuesday 16.04.13
Young organisations help festivalgoers expand their projects. In Dream City at Roskilde Festival 2013 you can ...
Roskilde Festival supports Denmark’s Collection and organises event in Roskilde Cathedral
Wednesday 09.01.13
Roskilde Festival and the city of Roskilde hosted Eastern Denmark’s Collection 2013. The donation from Roskild...
Festival profit goes to Christmas aid in Denmark
Thursday 20.12.12
One million kroner was donated by Roskilde Festival to aid organisations making Christmas and winter less cold...
A donation to skating with Soundtrack in Cambodia
Wednesday 12.12.12
For many years, you have been able to hear music, skate and hang out with your friends at Roskilde Festival. H...
Norwegian and Swedish asylum projects receive DKK 500,000 from Roskilde Festival
Tuesday 13.11.12
This year, Roskilde Festival focused on the conditions for asylum seekers in the Nordic countries. In the spri...
Video: Cheer for the Homeless team
Friday 05.10.12
Today the Homeless team flies to the Homeless World Cup in Mexico. Check out the video with the selected playe...
Roskilde Festival gave DKK 250,000 to local unions
Tuesday 02.10.12
At ‘volunteer Friday’ in Roskilde, Roskilde Festival was there to donate DKK 250,000 in total to ten different...
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