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We take responsibility as an environmentally conscious festival very seriously.
We take responsibility as an environmentally conscious festival very seriously.

Environmental policy

Roskilde Festival is a non-profit organisation, and the work with social responsibility has been a substantial part of the festival’s DNA since the beginning. At the centre of this is the aim to make a more sustainable festival.

Roskilde Festival has been working strategically with the environment since the beginning of the 90’s. Among other things, we started making an environmental report where we measure our usage of water, electricity, garbage total, deposits and sorting into fractions. During the 90’s, we also started using biodegradable tableware (including our own beer cups), deposit fees on all cups and cans and we got our own train station, so the festivalgoers easily can get to the festival with public transportation.

Our environmental policy is:

  • Resource usage must be reduced as much as possible
  • We must use environmentally friendly products where possible in terms of technology and health, and where it is financially realistic
  • Garbage needs to be sorted so as much as possible can be recycled
  • We must show as much consideration as possible for the safety and health conditions of the festivalgoers and volunteers

What does Roskilde Festival do to become more sustainable?
We work within these areas:

FOOD – more organic and local ingredients, less food waste. Read more about food

TRANSPORT – we got our own train station in 1996, use 32 electric cars at Roskilde Festival in 2013, arranged coach travel from Norway, Sweden and Germany. We have also started Roskilde Rideshare (a carpooling initiative). Read more about transport.

GARBAGE – we collect garbage together with the festivalgoers, we sort it in 12 fractions in the back areas, the stalls use biodegradable tableware, and through our extensive deposit system on cans and cups, we collect more than 3,500,000 bottles and cans during one festival. From 2014 the audience can sort their own waste at the campsite. Read more about garbage.

INVOLVING THE FESTIVALGOERS – Following the Green Footsteps campaigns in 2009 and 2010 we still focus on green initiatives in a lot of event, and the festivalgoers make trash events and sustainable camps.

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