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Environmental initiatives

The number of “inhabitants” at Roskilde Festival exceeds that of the fifth largest Danish city and the amount of waste is equally large.

The environment at Roskilde Festival is also the audience’s responsibility and many festival guests do take on their environmental responsibility. A growing problem, however, is the amount of waste and personal belongings that some festival guests leave behind at the camping areas when they leave the festival.

Please do not leave things behind, such as tents, clothes, sleeping bags and camping equipment. This problem has been reduced due to the ban on bringing furniture and the like to the camping areas. However, the amount of waste can be further reduced if we all help each other and if the audience make sure to clean up and to bring personal belongings when leaving the festival.

In the last days of the festival it is possible to donate recyclable camping equipment at all service towers and exits. The sleeping bags and mattresses are donated to charitable organisations in Denmark. In 2005 the audience at the festival donated 1642 sleeping bags that were given to homeless in Copenhagen during the cold winter of 2005/2006.

We thank our audience for the support for the project and hope that even more people will choose to donate the equipment instead of leaving it as waste on the ground.

The Environmental Group ensures that the environmental guidelines set down are followed in all areas and constantly works on new environmental initiatives. Each year, The Environmental Group gather data on electricity, trash etc. from all over the festival and carry out the analyses needed to work out the environmental survey report.

The report also includes suggestions for new initiatives and possible improvements on the current work. This helps Roskilde Festival in constantly developing our environmental work.

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