until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Foto: Khanh Gia Nguyen

Clean festival

The number of “inhabitants” at Roskilde Festival exceeds that of the fifth largest Danish city and the amount of waste is equally large.

In order to recycle as much as possible, the waste must be sorted - e.g. by glass, paper, iron and inflammable material. This sorting system is carried out in all internal parts of Roskilde Festival, the trade stalls, at the camping areas and at the Festival Site.

Used batteries can be deposited in battery boxes at the luggage storage, the information towers and by the toilets on the camping area. In all we sort in 13 different fractions.

Organic waste
Roskilde Festival has voluntarily chosen to sort waste in food stalls and canteens in an organic waste fraction. In recent years, several well-functioning compost and biogas plants have been established in Denmark, and the festival therefore believes that it is both safe and environmentally friendly to sort our organic waste.

The organic waste is transformed into heat, energy and nutritious humus that can be used to improve the soil condition.

Re-establishing the Festival Site
When Roskilde Festival is over, a lot of cleaning awaits – the whole festival area must be cleaned completely. All trade stalls are obliged to clear the area in front of their stall, and Roskilde Festival cleans all the closed areas. The camping area and the Festival Site are cleaned by local societies who are paid to collect all the garbage within a certain area.

Sanitary conditions
Roskilde Festival is continuously working at improving the sanitary conditions of the festival. The Festival Site boasts an 850 metres long urinal which is one of the world's longest. More toilets and urinals have been installed, both at the camping area and at the Festival Site.

Consequently, the queues in front of the toilets have been shortened, and because more washbasins and showers have been set up at the camping areas, the audience’s access to fresh drinking water and hot showers has been facilitated.

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