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Green Camps

In 2011, there will once again be a lot of green footsteps at Roskilde Festival to spread the word about sustainability and green awareness.

In recent years Green Camps have been located in an excluded area, but this year Green Camps will be located throughout the camp areas so even more people can enjoy the green energy. We intend to involve our festival guests even more, so that caring for the environment becomes a natural and attractive part of being at the festival.

That is why Roskilde Festival is giving you the opportunity to enjoy camp-life as an official Green Camp! We have made advance reservation at the camping area, so your camp easily can act out your green initiatives. It's about jointly involving and inspiring others to take green initiatives. So if your camp should be an official Green Camp, then sign up and make a difference.

Roskilde Festival is a celebration for the creative mind, and therefore we encourage artistic freedom. However, certain dogmas must be complied with to qualify for becoming an official Green Camp:

  • The camp must minimize the amount of waste and CO2 emissions per person in their own Green Camp.
  • The camp must have some fun green activities each day that involve and inspire other festival guests.
  • The camp must have some kind of original or unusual theme and a catchy slogan that reflects Green Footsteps' green feet. Everyone should be able to see immediately that it is a Green Camp.
  • The green activities during the festival must be documented through photographs and video. The goal is to create a video that can inspire future festival guests to a green camp life.
  • You must have fun in a true Roskilde Festival style!

If you want your camp to be an official Green Camp, please send an application to greenfootsteps@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk by 1 June 2011.

The application must include a description of how you intend to follow the dogmas. You are welcome to attach plans, drawings, sketches and calculations of your waste (in kilos) per person - creativity and innovation will be rewarded!

From the submitted applications 6 camps will be chosen to be official Green Camps. In order to ensure these are evenly placed around the camping area we have made advance reservation in selected areas. The chosen camps will be notified directly, after which they will be published on the website. Furthermore the Green Camp of the year will be elected during the festival.

Please note that the camp must also comply with Roskilde Festival's general regulations and must consist of no more than 25 people. For further information see roskilde-festival.dk/uk/practical/camping/

We eagerly await all your creative proposals for sustainable camps and look forward to spreading green vibes with you at Roskilde Festival 2011. For any questions please contact: greenfootsteps@roskilde-festival.dk  

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