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Most bottles and cans are recyclable - photo: Adam Sund

Green Tips

Here you can get tips and ideas on how to start taking green footsteps. A green footstep is an action that shows that you are actively taking a stand in relation to the environmental and climate-related challenges that our world is facing.

Here are some examples on how to get started with your first green footsteps:

Use a fabric bag for shopping
If you use a bag made of fabric instead of buying plastic bags when grocery shopping, you do the environment and your wallet a favour. Two weakly trips to the supermarket using a fabric bag will save the environment 8 kilos CO2  and your wallet more than EUR 30 a year.

Pull the plug
Roskilde Festival requires energy – but if all the festival-goers turn off their stand-by electricity at home before going to the festival, we will save the total amount of energy used during the festival.

Public transport
By using public transport you are reducing your CO2  emission. It is even better if you hop on your bike instead of going by car.

Eat local food
When buying food products produced in your local area rather than from other parts of the world, you save large amounts of CO2 that otherwise would be emitted in the transportation.

- Bottle refund
Remember that most bottles are recyclable, so find a container or a refund station instead of throwing them in the garbage bin. As an extra green bonus, some supermarkets give you the option to donate your bottle refund to charity organisations.


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