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News about Green Footsteps

Read news about the climate, the environment and the campaign Green Footsteps. All related to Roskilde Festival.

Follow Green Footsteps by bike to Roskilde Festival
Come to Roskilde on a free bike ride incl. food, beer and live music – we will transport your luggage.
Register your green footsteps
From 2 to 20 June you can register your green footsteps and get special access to the green camping area Green Bootcamp.
Answer environmental questions and win a ticket to Roskilde
Use 5-10 minutes to complete our questionnaire on waste management, climate and the environment and get the chance to win 2x1 ticket to Roskilde Festival.
The last green footsteps ready
If you are willing to donate your bottle deposit refund or bike to Roskilde Festival you move a step closer to Roskilde Festival’s climate-friendly camping area Green Bootcamp.
Switch to green power
Use sustainable energy and move a step closer to the climate-friendly camping area at Roskilde Festival, Green Bootcamp.
DSV and Danish Crown are the biggest greenwashers
The audience gives DSV and Danish Crown red cards, while SAS flies to victory in the climate tournament Climate World Cup.
Airline wins group 4 at Climate World Cup
SAS is the winner and DSV the loser of group 4 at Climate World Cup. You can still participate in the tournament where you can evaluate a number of Nordic companies' green promises, win 3x2 tickets to Roskilde Festival and take a green footstep.
Carlsberg won third group in CWC
Carlsberg is the winner and Danish Crown the loser of group 3 in Climate World Cup. You can still participate in the tournament where you can evaluate a number of Nordic companies' green promises, win 3x2 tickets to Roskilde Festival and take a green footstep.
H&M wins and IKEA flops at Climate World Cup
H&M is the second group winner in Climate World Cup where the audience select which Nordic company best lives up to its own climate commitments. IKEA scored the worst grade and was a sure loser in the design group.
Statoil lost. Maersk Oil won
The first group in Climate World Cup is now settled.
Roskilde Festival launches Climate World Cup
Join the evaluation of a number of large Nordic companies’ climate goals in the tournament Climate World Cup. At the same time, you take a green footstep and compete for 3 x 2 tickets to this year's Roskilde Festival.
Green shopping bags and climate art
Are you willing to use a climate-friendly shopping bag and exercise your artistic skills? Then Roskilde Festival's climate-friendly camping area, Green Boot Camp, is within your reach.
Green tips and super camps
Share your tips for a greener lifestyle and make a green camp at this year’s festival. Two new green footsteps can help you on the way to a spot at the greenest camping area at Roskilde Festival 2010.
Recycle your clothes and throw a green dinner party
See the first two green footsteps that can be your gateway to the climate-friendly camping area.
Take Green Footsteps at Roskilde Festival
Roskilde Festival puts the environment on the agenda again this year with the campaign Green Footsteps and a climate-friendly camping area.
Trend-setter on the environmental front
People’s Climate Action calls Roskilde Festival a trend-setter on the environmental front and praises the festival’s climate-friendly initiatives.
Roskilde donates DKK 500,000 to Hopenhagen LIVE
The donation (approx. € 67,114) goes to realising a music stage as sustainable as possible at Copenhagen City Hall Square.
250,000 DKK for green projects
Green Footsteps Funds is Roskilde Festival Charity Society's newly founded support for climate-friendly initiatives. We accept applications now and until 10 December.
Roskilde among the 60 most important climate players in Denmark
According to a leadership survey, Roskilde Festival's Esben Danielsen has great influence on the Danish hosting of the climate summit.
Summit festival atmosphere in Copenhagen
Roskilde Festival helps Copenhagen turn the cllimate summit COP15 into a party for all citizens.
Joint effort for the climate
During Roskilde Festival 2009, the audience took more than 40,000 Green Footsteps. That is 40,000 actions that have cut down on the energy consumption and thereby CO2 emission.
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