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Photo: Rasmus Weng Karlsen

Roskilde Festival’s know-how from many years of festival work is used to organise, support and participate in a variety of musical and cultural activities throughout the year.

Roskilde Festival is more than just a summer festival. All year, Roskilde Festival invests both human and financial resources in a variety of musical and cultural activities. The aim is to bridge the gap between the festival and other parts of the music world, both nationally and internationally.

Here you can read about some of the many activities that Roskilde Festival takes part in.



Roskilde Festival supports the local culture, including Gimle, which is Roskildes regional music venue, student and youth cultural center. The venue has existed since 1988 and offers a wide range of cultural events with focus on quality and diversity.

Gimle is an independent institution run by two organizational units: The Association Gimle and The Foundation Gimle. Roskilde Festival participated in the formation of The Foundation Gimle and has one representative in the board.

The venue is run by a small staff of employees and over 100 volunteers who manage concerts and events. Many volunteers are also engaged in voluntary work for Roskilde Festival.


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Roskilde Festival plays an active role at the world music venue Global in Copenhagen, that presents a selection of the best international and national bands.

The door is open to exotic artists and music genres, but although the calendar is not packed with the biggest hit makers, you are guaranteed concerts that can deliver and get your feet moving. The atmosphere is comparable with the one you find at the stage Cosmopol at Roskilde Festival - and with good reason as Peter Hvalkof from Roskilde Festival is booking bands for both stages.

Global is a non-commercial venue that largely exists because of volunteers with a burning passion for world music.


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Choir of Young Believers played at Roskilde Festival in 2008. Photo: Thomas Kjær

With the engagement in the Danish critics’ award Steppeulven, Roskilde Festival has helped new and ambitious Danish music.

The award was created in 2002 when a group of music critics in the fight against a sales-oriented and mainstream-focused music industry founded Steppeulven to celebrate talent and quality over marketability and popularity.

Mikael Simpson was awarded as the hope of the year in 2003, Tiger Tunes in 2004, Bikstok Røgsystem in 2005, Volbeat in 2006, Band Ane in 2007 and Choir of Young Believers in 2008. They also won the right to play at Roskilde Festival.

After a two year break due to lack of financial support Steppeulven was back on track in 2012 - again supported by Roskilde Festival among others.


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Roskilde Events & Consult

Roskilde Festival has for many years been asked for help from organisers of big events, and Roskilde Events & Consult was therefore established in 2002. REC is an independent event company, based on experience accumulated through Roskilde Festival and other events.

REC solves tasks concerning event development, consulting, production and marketing. The work is paid, but any profit is distributed to humanitarian, charitable and cultural purposes through Roskilde Festival Charity Foundation.

REC has organised a major live event during the climate summit in Copenhagen, a science-based festival in Roskilde, opera marketing and production, Homeless World Cup in football in 2009 and much more.


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When we're not busy creating Roskilde Festival we use our knowledge and know-how on a wide range of other creative work. Among other things we arrange a seminar called Backstage 

Backstage is a forum for mutual inspiration and networking, communicating knowledge and experiences through seminars, workshops and talks all centered round cultural events and the experience economy.

Backstage is the meeting point for a wide range of experience economy players from event agencies, product developers and event industry suppliers to researchers, PR- and advertising executives, urban planners, municipalities, designers and other creative.

Backstage offers you the opportunity of:

  • Learning more about experience economy
  • Spotting new trends
  • Expanding your network
  • Getting behind the scenes of Roskilde Festival


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Roskilde Festival is one of 80 festivals that are part of The European Festival Association Yourope. Currently artistic director Rikke Øxner is chairwoman. 

The Association promotes cooperation and knowledge-exchange among European festivals and focuses for instance on improving working conditions, health and safety and environmental issues at European festivals.


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Dansk Live

Roskilde Festival is a member of the Danish organization Dansk Live which consits of 80 of Denmarks most leading music venues and 20 of the country's biggest festivals.

The organization's goal is to improve the conditions for live music in Denmark, both among performers and the audience, and to give counseling and share knowledge among the profesionnals working in the live music industry.



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Music Export Denmark

Music Export Denmark was established in 2004 as a collaboration between ROSA (The Danish Rock Council), the Danish broadcasting corporation DR and Roskilde Festival. The idea was to use the three parties’ different experiences, networks, etc. to expose Danish music abroad more effectively.

In the summer of 2004, the Danish branch of the association of international record companies, IFPI Denmark, and the Danish independent record companies, DUP, joined the collaboration. Music Export Denmark is supported by the Ministry of Culture with approx. € 470,000 a year.

Music Export Denmark has, for instance, supported Ida Corr & Camille Jones's tour in Australia, Lily Electric's tour and promotion in Germany, Eurosonic Festival in Holland and much more. Artistic director Rikke Øxner is board member.


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Industry festivals and conferences

Roskilde Festival participates in several industry festivals and conferences throughout the year, for instance SXSW (Austin), ILMC (London), CMJ (New York), Noorderslag (Groningen), MIDEM (Cannes)http://www1.messe-berlin.de/vip8_1/website/Internet/Internet/www.popkomm/deutsch/index.html, by:Larm (Oslo), SPOT (Århus), WOMEX (Copenhagen) and many more.

Roskilde Festival shares know-how and gets inspiration at the conferences and festivals, and sometimes bands are booked because of their showcase concerts.

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