until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

hummel and Roskilde Festival create a place of retreat for women in asylum

During this summer, hummel and Roskilde Festival launch a long-term innovative and value-creating collaboration with the common slogan: ”Change the World through Sport and Music”. Together, the two partners are able to explore the potentials of music and sports in order to create positive change for people facing difficult situations. The cooperation has already been kick-started with projects for a number of the asylum centres in the country, where women become united in various, creative free spaces – all centred around music and sports.

The association ”Sensational Football” owned by Majken Gilmartin is the driving force behind the activities, and through this cooperation, hummel and Roskilde Festival, supported by the Danish Red Cross, will enter the asylum centres in the country with sports equipments and musical instruments next year.

Along with the local, enthusiastic  volunteers, these partners have the sole purpose of giving as many young women as possible a bunch of shared, fun experiences through sports and music as well as establishing a substantial, free space in the middle of a challenging everyday life. In that way, everyone contributes to creating strong and lasting relationships as well as changes and improves the conditions of the daily round for a large group of young women by giving them positive and enabling experiences.

’We can already see that the project creates value for the women’s everyday life at the centres. What they need is something to do in unison, and sports gives them a unique opportunity to do exactly that. The project is not simply about becoming technically skilled to play soccer but also about composing team songs, forming friendships and just having fun together’, Majken Gilmartin says, who has trained the women since March at the various asylum centres.

National commitment
The centres Auderød Lejren, Centret Kongelunde, Jelling Asyl, Avnstrup, Sandholmlejren and Kvindecentret participate in the one year project, where each centre is affiliated with a group of ten volunteering women, who all contribute with each their competencies within sports, music and culture.

All these women share the common wish of making a difference for the women in the asylum centres, who have other conditions of life than themselves. At the same time, they want to create a lot of great experiences that will last into the future, and that is why every patronness is engaged in the project for up to a year of endurance. Everyone agrees on providing a shared, humanitarian effort, which not only makes a difference at this point in time but also creates future change.

A value-adding project
The value-creating cooperation between hummel and Roskilde Festival will be visualized through the common symbol, where the two logos meet and become fused. This signals that both parties enter the project with the shared vision of unfolding this collaboration even more in the future. Through the idea of changing the world through sports and music, both parties believe in possibility of creating experiences and network through musical and sports activities, which will be useful for the women now and later on in their lives.

The spokesperson of Roskilde Festival, Christina Bilde, says: ’For us, this cooperation is directly linked to our ”Statement 2012” campaign, where we focus on asylum seekers and their conditions at the centres in Denmark. In that way, we are really happy about taking part in this project together with hummel.’

Also hummel expresses enthusiasm about the newly-established project:
’We are really proud of the cooperation with Roskilde Festival, which in value goes hand in hand with our philosophy at hummel. Throughout the years, we have seen how great a difference sports makes in the world, and that is why we want to support diverse proejcts, initiatives and groups which actively unite people and create positive change through sports exactly. We are already well underway, and we are very excited to see where this development will take us’, Henning Nielsen, CMO at hummel International says.

Asylum seeking women compete in the Sensational Football tournament at Roskilde Festival
During this year’s Roskilde Festival, a team of women from the asylum centres in the country will compete against other female soccer teams from Denmark in the Sensational Football tournament, which will take place in Game City on Wednesday the 4th of July.

The entire girls-only tournament, will be held from Monday 2nd of July until Wednesday 4th of July in Game City, and all slots have already been filled. However, there is plenty of room for a cheering crowd, there are cold beers nearby and a stall with more information about sensational football and the ”Asylbold” project.

Watch the video where the women practice at the asylum centres here

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