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The Roskilde Festival is, as we have always been, a festival with attitude. We are a non-profit organisation, meaning that all profit goes to cultural and humanitarian causes. Through the years we have donated money to organisations such as Doctors without Borders, Amnesty International, Save the Children and the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).


The STATEMENT campaign is a new initiative

With the STATEMENT campaign we want to communicate our humanitarian focus more clearly. The first STATEMENT campaign was last year – in 2011 – and that is not by accident. In 2011, the festival was approved to be a fundraising Organisation, meaning that we are now able to collect money directly for charitable purposes. Our goal is to get guests to make a commitment – to make a statement – and encourage others to do the same, thereby making a change along the way.

In 2011 and 2012 we are making a STATEMENT against poverty and inequality in our own back garden.


Why is the Roskilde Festival focusing on poverty and inequality?

With STATEMENT we are shining a light on the escalating poverty and increased social inequality in Denmark and abroad. We don’t want to close our eyes and pretend that everything is fine – together with festival guests, we want to act. We don’t think that extreme plight and poverty in other countries means that we shouldn’t also point out the inequality that is just in front of us.

At Roskilde 2011 we focused on two social groups that are at the bottom of the social ladder: the homeless, who we meet on the street, and the gypsies, who we also meet at the Roskilde Festival. This year, focus is on young asylum seekers in the Nordic countries and their circumstances. Danish politicians are making financial and judicial changes, so that asylum seekers maybe allowed to work. Thereby, getting more content in their day.


YOU can make a difference

No matter what rights asylum seekers might get, YOU can also make a difference. That is to take part in our events, give experiences and bring joy. It's all for free!

You can also buy a ticket with a statement and give a contribution. Before Roskilde Festival 2012 we are collecting money for projects supporting asylum seekers in the Nordic countries. If you buy a STATEMENT ticket you donate DKK 100 on top of the normal ticket price. That is less than the price of four large draught beer. Buy your ticket with a statement and make a difference!

If you want to be part of making a STATEMENT by doing interactive events and projects at asylum centres, or just want to give us a tip, you can write to marie.rogvi@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk

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