until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Photo: Per Lange

Volunteer at Roskilde Festival

Our volunteers’ commitment is a prerequisite for Roskilde Festival’s existence. We call this 'commitment' rather than 'work' because it is the commitment – the desire to help create something and make a difference – that makes up the festival.

This creates the best volunteer experience and the best festival. It applies whether the effort is shorter and primarily takes place during the festival, or whether it takes place throughout the year and brings great responsibility.

As a volunteer, you have several options - you can volunteer during the festival, in the months leading up to or throughout the entire year. Whatever your commitment is, your efforts are fundamental to Roskilde Festival.

Less focus on hours
We prefer to focus on the task and effort rather than the amount of hours you put into it.

We would also like the volunteer efforts to keep up with the festival period. In recent years, the festival has extended to take place for 9 days. It must be possible to spread out the voluntary commitment during all 9 days.

We now introduce 4 basic levels of volunteer efforts. Task and motivation are most important compared to the exact number of hours - but many volunteers request guidelines on expectations concerning the minimum of hours.

  • Short effort
    The short effort takes place during the 4 days of music (from Thursday at 12:00 to Monday at 14:00). The expectation is min. 24 hours of commitment in addition to training, introductions etc

  • Standard effort
    Standard effort takes place during the entire festival (From Saturday, the day before the audience has access to the campsite, to Wednesday after the audience has gone home). You’re expected to put in 32 to 79 hours of your time in addition to training, introduction etc. The local societies, present at the festival, are expected min. 32 hours of volunteer effort.

  • Special effort
    The special effort is a very dedicated effort that is put in during the extended festival period, which includes both construction, festival and dismantling (From Sunday, 14 days before the public gets access to the campsite, to Monday 14 days after the audience has gone home). The expectation is min. 80 hours in addition to planning, training, introduction etc.

  • Roskilde enthusiast
    Roskilde enthusiasts take part in Roskilde Festival during the entire year or most of it.
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