Photo: Helena Lunquist

Cinema City

Visit Cinema City and experience the world of movies at the festival

At Roskilde Festival ’13 Cinema City (see map) will bring together key players from the game of movies in a manner so that the guests at the festival will have no doubt that the movies are present this year.

With its outdoor screen Cinema City will draw you into a filmic universe with works from CPH PIX & DOCS every evening from 10 to 2 am. 

Have a look at the movie programme here.

In furnished and decorated caravans you can care for yourself with shows on Hangover-TV, and you can also take your special someone on a date in Cinema City’s Drive in Sound Cinema.

But Cinema City also offers film quizzes and manuscript contests in which the lucky no. 1 will win a seat in the instructor’s chair in charge of an entire film crew.

At Roskilde Festival ’13 Cinema City creates a clear connection between the music and the movie. For instance by introducing the music’s visual twin: The music video. 

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