Photo: Ron English

Ron English

This year the American artist Ron English will decorate the grandstand wall at Orange Stage. Ron English has since the 1980s among other things created wall paintings and billboards with his so-called popaganda art (or propaganda art if you will) where he especially includes popular culture in his artistic provocations. Be sure to check out his work at the tribune back wall at Orange Stage if you’re into surreal and provocative pop art.

You can find the tribune back wall in Orange Zone.

Read more about Ron English.



Photo: VOINA


In spite of the trenchant and humoristic appearance the radical art group VOINA, from which Pussy Riot originates, is very serious in their attitudes towards human rights, political imprisonment and persecution of minorities, which is what provokes the Russian politicians in power. At Roskilde Festival they can do and say whatever they please – perhaps even imprison the guests while shouting out orders.

Read more about VOINA.



Photo: Basurama


Can you play with waste? The Spanish art group Basurama expertise in working with trash and garbage and involving activities. Come over and work with sustainability in a different, more fun and creative way. Basurama will change your idea of trash and garbage, for example with their trash installation The Whirlpool of Waste.

You can find Basurama and The Whirlpool of Waste in camping area P.

Read more about Basurama.



Umschicten, Jeremy Wade & Miguel – Church of Beer

Art can be made of the most curious materials! In Dream City the German architect group Umschichten is building a church of beer cans – and they need your help! To help them facilitate the building process they have the queen of all performances Jeremy Wade and his partner Miguel. They will make it an unforgettable experience - especially if you like nude piles, drag-yoga or colorful parades! Afterwards the beer cans will of cause be recycled!

The project is a collaboration with the German MS DOCKVILLE Kunstcamp

The Church of Beers is built in Dream City.

Read more about Umschichten, Jeremy Wade and MS DOCKVILLE Kunstcamp.



Photo: 72 Hour Urban Action

72 Hour Urban Action

72 Hour Urban Action is an architecture and design competition which invites creative people from all over the world to build great new things in just 72 hours. We are proud to present 72 Hour Urban Action at Roskilde Festival 2013. 72 Hour Urban Action consists of five competing teams. Each team is on a mission to make Dream City a better place to live, meet, party, sleep and dream. During the 72 hours the competition lasts, you can join in with good ideas about what you wish for in Dream City, or just watch the installations be built from scratch!

72 Hour Urban Action takes place in Dream City from Sunday to Wednesday.

Read more about 72 Hour Urban Action.




Photo: Inga Gerner Nielsen

The Velvet State

The Velvet State is a major construction specially tailored for the Roskilde Festival. The Velvet State is a large-scale interactive universe developed by performers and architects. The core of the project has emerged via an ongoing dialog between the performers and the architects adopting and merging the two disciplines into one universe. The performance part is developed in a dialog between the immersive performance groups Fiction Pimps (DK) and Collective Unconscious (UK). The concept and design behind the structure is the architect Simon Hjermind Jensen of SHJWORKS (DK).

The Velvet State consists of plywood structures containing 13 rooms, a courtyard, a stage, installations, sounds and visuals and will house around 30 performers, amongst other from Club de la Faye (DK) who will engage in an interactive performance-dialogue with you. It is a kaleidoscope of rooms, inhabited by different sensuous modes of being. Some watching you from afar, whispering a twisted tune in your name, softly calling you in. Some because they need you help. Some a sacrifice. The Velvet State opens up to you through your engagement in its maintenance. Through your ability to linger and desire to explore. It is breeding a sensuous society. Furthermore it functions as a sensuous and dreamy framework for a series of performance acts amongst other performance concerts by Dorit Chrysler and Baby Dee (US), The Nielsen Sisters (DK), Tantra (DK), intervening performance protest by Triangle Project (US, Cairo, DK) and Voina (RU), performance manifestations by Anna Petri in collaboration with amongst other Ramona Macho and Diana Tørsløv Møller, performance dance acts by Simulacrum (UK) and Horse/Pink eggs (DK) and soundmachines by Florinn B. (DE).

You can find The Velvet State in Art Zone.

Read more about Fiction Pimps, Collective Unconscious, SHJWORKS, Dorit Chrysler, Baby Dee and The Nielsen Sisters.



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