Photo: Per Lange

Apollo Zone

Be at the Apollo Zone to experience the electronic connection between the festival- and the camping site

This year the Apollo Stage gets its very own permanent Zone on the old gravel pit at the entrance to the festival site. The zone will act as a gathering place, connecting the festival site and the camping site, and is characterized by electronic music, color, light, chill and great parties (see map).

Go crazy and get a drink at the Sputnik bar near the scene, or have a char, listen to the music and hang out on the many sitting installations in the area.

Disover how music and lights play together, when the energy from the stage gets reflected trough lights ind the sitting installations that responds to the music from the scene and becomes a pulsating light echo. Or come and see how 5000 hula-hoops lights up the area.

Apollo Zone is a place where there is room to chill and hang out, but also to party.

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