Art Zone

Welcome to a sensuous society.

Art Zone will form an extraordinary experience combining performance, architecture, installation and sound on Roskilde Festival 2013, and is located left of Orange Stage (see map).

In Art Zone you will find the major construction The Velvet State specially tailored for the Roskilde Festival. The Velvet State is a large-scale interactive performance-universe developed in an ongoing dialog between performers and architects.

The performance part is developed in a dialog between the immersive performance groups Fiction Pimps (DK) and Collective Unconscious (UK). The concept and design behind the structure is the architect Simon Hjermind Jensen of SHJWORKS.

The Velvet State is a performance experiment that explores the idea of ​​a Sensuous society - a possible society after the crisis where the sensual and poetic perception of the world is at the center. The Velvet State contain 13 rooms, a courtyard, a stage, installations, sounds and visuals and will house around 30 performers, amongst other from Club de la Faye (DK) who will engage in an interactive performance-dialogue with you. It is a kaleidoscope of rooms, inhabited by different sensuous modes of being. Some watching you from afar, whispering a twisted tune in your name, softly calling you in. Some because they need you help. Some a sacrifice.

The Velvet State opens up to you through your engagement in its maintenance. Through your ability to linger and desire to explore. It is breeding a sensuous society. Furthermore it functions as a sensuous and dreamy framework for a series of performance acts amongst other performance concerts by Dorit Chrysler and Baby Dee (US), The Nielsen Sisters (DK), Tantra (DK), intervening performance protest by Triangle Project (US, Cairo, DK) and Voina (RU), performance dance acts curated by Sarah Armstrong - Simulacrum by Kimatica (UK) and Solo/No Title by Emilie Fehrn-Christensen (DK) and soundmachines by Florinn B. (DE)


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