Sustainable Zone

Focus on environmental issues, recycling and sustainability.

Sustainable Zone (see map) has as its name implies focus on environmental issues, recycling and sustainability. The focal point in this zone is Sustainable Lab, run by students from DTU, functioning as an communication station for the festival and DTU’s cooperation in the development of sustainable and alternative solutions to the issues a temporary settlement as Roskilde Festival offers. Here the audience get the opportunity to experience and interact with the various initiatives and activities and participate in workshops. 

Additionally, tested in Sustainable Zone this year, is a mobile greenhouse – called Urban Greenhouse - which is an innovative way to meet the city's need of alternative gardens.
Furthermore there will be built various types of seating installations made ​​of recycled materials from last year's festival, as well as a removable gazebo made ​​of planted walls. In other words, theory and practice will meet in Sustainable Zone, while good energy and sustainable relations arise.

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