Thursday 05.07.12 - 19:15 - Cosmopol

Analogik's crazy but good-natured blend of wind music, accordion playing, surf and Dixieland jazz is just right for wonderfully absurd and totally unpredictable concerts.

The cheerful hippies proved so at Roskilde Festival in 2009. In 2012 we welcome them back as a well-traveled, more experienced, more bearded, equally nuts ensemble.

Earlier, Analogik looked towards the Balkans. On the coming full length New Seeland inspiration is particularly found in Ethiopia. Whichever way you approach this genre-transcending party music, one thing is certain: Analogik is a group of daredevils who have more fun on exotic paths than on the beaten track.

Label: Jenka Music / VME

Festive and colourful style confusion.
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