Friday 06.07.12 - 22:30 - Cosmopol

The South American electronic cumbia scene has experienced an enormous boost in recent years. Bomba Estéreo leads this brightly coloured wave.

Roskilde Festival 2009 was their first encounter with a Western music festival. Today, they are so sought-after that it would turn many a Western rock band green with envy. Roskilde Festival still holds a special place in their hearts – they stayed in the camping area during the entire festival last time they visited – and they are as happy as we are for the reunion.

The Columbians' hot dance music contains, beside cumbia folk music, traces of dub, psychedelic rock and hip hop. Electro tropical is what Bomba Estéreo have named their steaming hot urban sound.

Label: Polen / import

Hot, psychedelic neo-cumbia - photo: Hector Mora
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