Sunday 06.07.14 - 15:00 - Pavilion

She alternates perfectly between anger, charm and mournfulness. Erika M. Anderson's mixture of grunge, pop, noise rock and heartfelt, intimate ballads is proof of a sort of longing for the 90s when you were offline 90 % of the time and not 10% as it is now in the 10s.

The same nostalgia is found on her new album The Future's Void. Here the indignant slacker turns her gaze to the outside and discovers a whole generation of people in the process of chaining themselves to their smartphones. This feeling gives several of the songs a touch of DIY-industrial and dark science fiction.

EMA arrives at Roskilde with a full band, and she approaches the alternative guitar rock with personality, pulmonary strength and a lot of melodious vagary.

Raw and emotional guitar rock
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