Saturday 05.07.14 - 14:00 - Avalon

Eager to play with fire, are we? Dive into the musical netherworld of Fire! Orchestra.

This huge Scandinavian ensemble uses brass, piano, vocals, bass and drums to create a cacophony that will sail through your mind and dreams like a ghost ship full of lost souls.

The esteemed jazz players, lead by saxophone master Mats Gustafsson, know all about contrast. At one point all we hear is a subtle bass line and bewitched female voices. The next moment the shit hits the fan as about 30 musicians employ every inch of their instruments' register to evoke mayhem and madness.

This furious free jazz ensemble is determined to challenge the nightmare factor and macabre beauty of metal and noise bands.

Devilish free jazz ensemble - photo: Johan Döden Dahlroth
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