Friday 06.07.12 - 18:00 - Odeon

"I'm here to put the dick back in Dixie and the cunt back in country," sings Hank3. The job description is clear for this tattooed cowboy: Nashville's cosy country is going down.

The spirit of grandfather Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and other icons of the rural music is best translated with outlaw punk'n'country, full of beer foam, gunpowder and engine oil.

Hank3's concerts range from classic country with slide guitar, fiddle and banjo to the cowpunk incarnation Hellbilly. Recently, the rebel’s doom/thrash metal band Assjack has even finished the concerts.

Roskilde Festival has courted the maladjusted wretch of country music for a number of years. Hank3 incarnates Nashville after dark, when the well-behaved songwriters have gone to bed.

Label: Target Distribution

Punk'n'country from legendary Hank Williams' grandson.
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