M83 (FR)

Saturday 07.07.12 - 20:00 - Arena

Finally, we have M83 back at Roskilde Festival to bathe our ears in grandiose sci-fi sounds.

Anthony Gonzalez’ latest magnum opus – the double album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming – makes M83's previous releases sound rustic and simple.

80s-happy synths and bombastic noise rock float in an upward maelstrom with the Milky Way's outer provinces as the final destination – like keyboard whiz Jean-Michel Jarre would have sounded if he were backed by My Bloody Valentine.

M83 has delivered one of the ultimate dreamy soundtracks of this millennium. Over the top – and damn proud of it.

Label: Naïve / Playground

Ecstatic, monumental synthrock.
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