until Roskilde Festival 2014 - 29 June to 6 July


Sunday 07.07.13 - 19:00 - Pavilion

Pink noise: A fitting description of Pinkunoizu. An experimenting, wild and exotic sound coated in the sugar of melody as opposed to the grating white noise. Inspirations and references flutter like a malfunctioning compass: A moment in a lounge in Japan is followed by mass in a Catholic monastery which in turn is followed by a trip down a mosquito-infested, African river. This delirious mash of post punk, pop, jazz and krautrock has won the Danes recognition beyond national borders. Pinkunoizu: A nutritional form of candyfloss you actually want to consume.

Label: Full Time Hobby / Target

Global mosaic rock
Band schedule is ready in May

Roskilde Festival releases the time schedule in May, if everything works out at least somewhat according to plan.

We don’t do it until then to make the best schedule possible for our audience. When we, for various reasons, are forced to make changes late in the process, we have a better chance at putting together a programme that considers both the spreading of genres, the performer's touring plans and safety at the festival.

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