Sunday 08.07.12 - 21:00 - Gloria

Henry Laufer – the real name behind Shlohmo – is a child of the same Los Angeles that has delivered former Roskilde artists such as Gonjasufi and The Gaslamp Killer.

He is only in his early 20s but he is soon-to-be recognised as one of the stars in the major city's underground.

The young beat smith cuts into a personal niche with his delicate, electronic music. The music is based on several thresholds, including abstract hip hop, nature programme soundtracks in the vein of Boards of Canada and post-London dubstep.

Shlohmo is the sound of an unruly, creative Los Angeles. A music mecca in its own right next to New York.

Label: Friends of Friends / import

Delicate, atmospheric electronica.

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