Friday 06.07.12 - 19:30 - Orange

With a foothold in goth rock and heavy metal and a deep fascination by mysticism and the occult, The Cult have been practicing stadium rock for more than 25 years.

Ian Astbury and Bill Duffy's shamanistic rock band has a long and diverse history. Astbury has also performed with members of The Doors in the band Riders On The Storm.

This year will see the release of Choice Weapon, the first album from The Cult in five years. Duffy's classic riffs and Astbury's powerful presence on stage are the essence of good ol' rock with heavy balls and poetic fire. Think a congregation of The Doors, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin on a windy mountaintop.

Join The Cult – there is plenty of room for new converts.

Label: New Wilderness / VME

Shamanistic rock.
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