Thursday 04.07.13 - 19:00 - Odeon

At some concerts singing along and bursting out in excitement seem just natural. This is the case in the company of The Lumineers. 

Their stomp-and-clap folk rock is conquering the world at the moment. And it's no surprise that Marcus of Mumford & Sons hailed The Lumineers a personal favourite. 

The band's self-titled debut was released last year and has along with a number of life-affirming concerts turned into a shooting star, not least due to their love ode "Ho Hey".

Front man Wesley Schultz' voice has a soulful sound that will take you from tragedies to swinging in the chandeliers. 

The Lumineers is a band that should be playing in a small living room. The demand brings a need for a more spacious stage but no matter what, the intimacy of the music will surely fill the space underneath the tent canvas. 

Label: Decca / Universal

Stamp-and-clap folk rock from shooting stars
photo: Alex Bruford

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