Friday 04.07.14 - 12:00 - Gloria

Australia’s The Necks are made up of piano, bass and drums. Due to this particular constellation, some people have mistaken them for a jazz band on occasion since their debut in the 80s. Fair enough, as there may be some truth to that. But The Necks are more like an orchestra without boundaries travelling through the deepest corners and chambers of music. They seek the distant places where no band has gone before and where each single note possesses the glow of a symphony orchestra.

The long, delicate, improvised sessions of these three observant musicians have very few sections or subdivisions. The music flows like a wave that you will also want ride if you stick around for long enough. Listen closely. In a restless age like ours The Necks urge you to take a step back and rediscover music at its most naked and beautiful.

Australian trio reinvents music - photo: Camille Walsh
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