Friday 05.07.13 - 21:30 - Apollo

Flosstradamus, Toddla T and Diplo have praised him. Everyone from the dj/producer Dave Nade to the porn actress Jessie Andrews have claimed to be the person behind the mask – the true ƱZ. Like Batman or Banksy, ƱZ  lives in the shadows and makes the imagination put in extra hours. The mysterious individual paved the way for perhaps the first musical genre born exclusively on the Internet: Trap is a wild mix of digital bass, dubstep and house. The cartoon-like music has been raised in the schizophrenic greenhouses of YouTube and Soundcloud and ƱZ belongs to the crème de la crème of the crazy beat makers of the 10s.

Label: Jeffree's / Import

Masked bass-avenger
Photo: The Supermaniak

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