Friday 05.07.13 - 01:00 - Orange

Rock, roll and metal in perfect harmony has been the foundation that has helped Volbeat all the way to the top.

On an unparalleled ride towards the top of the metal scene, the lads have developed a unique blend of melodic stadium heavy rock, packed as tight straw bale with equal parts power and hit potential.

Today they don’t bow and scrape to anyone on the European metal scene. The US is also conquered. Tour buddies and source of inspiration, Metallica, are now friends of the band.

In 2013, Volbeat will make another impact. A new, galloping rock album is released this spring.

The homecoming at Roskilde Festival will be a proud reunion with some local heroes whose world domination is about to be a reality.

Label: Universal

Galloping Elvis metal from one of Europe’s biggest hard rock bands

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