Friday 04.07.14 - 17:00 - Avalon

Warpaint develop on the expression from dark impressionists such as Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cocteau Twins and add a touch of their hometown of Los Angeles.

Their steamy art rock contains plenty of space and light.

The rich rhythmic finesse on the 2014 album Warpaint is, according to the girls themselves, nurtured with inspiration from hip hop and trip hop. Rather than a simple chorus, the atmospheric songs choose harmonies, tingling guitar lines and an intricate collaboration between the bass and the drums. You can feel that the songs have fermented for long and received plenty of attention during the process.

After a brave, long break, Warpaint is indeed back – ready to fill your ears with their thick, mysterious music colours.

Atmospheric art rock - photo: Mia Kirby
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