Friday 06.07.12 - 12:00 - Odeon

In 2012 we’re giving you another dietary supplement from the swampy US Southern states, filled to the brim with toxic heavy metal and questionable types of tobaccos. The initiated call it sludge.

You could also simply describe Weedeater’s sound as a groovy cross between AC/DC and Black Sabbath, played by a group of bong heads with a Dixie flag hanging in the rehearsal room.

Front man "Dixie" Dave and his cronies are without a doubt good-natured Southern folks – the band's first album was called ... And Justice For Y'all with a howdy to Metallica's classic. The music, however, is a deadly mixture of fast riffs, whipped drums and growling vocals.

Label: Southern Lord / import

Crushing Southern groove.
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