until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Photo: Helena Lundquist

Facilities on the camping areas

CITY centres
There are CITY centers in camping East and camping West. The CITY centers are the market squares of the camp site, and here you’ll find many different shopping opportunities, services and activities, including agoras, ATMs, merchandise sales, Samaritans, beer sales and lots of different food stalls.  Both CITY centers are definitely worth a visit, and certain shops stay open around the clock.

Cooking areas
At each agoras you can prepare your own dinner using either your own camping stove, one of the barbeque grills available or at the campfire.  The agoas also have their own service tower, where service guards keep an eye on the area and are ready to help out if you need anything.

Toilet areas
This is where you’ll find toilet facilities and running water. You can also leave your trash and used batteries here. These areas have their own service guards ready to answer any question you may have.

Even though it’s a festival, it’s still possible to take a bath or a shower. Cold showers are free, hot showers can be purchased at selected locations on the camp site.

Charging mobile and Wi-Fi
There’s no access to electricity on the camp sites, but don’t worry when your mobile runs out of battery. In several of the free wardrobes you can recharge your mobile for a small fee. And if your car battery needs more power to run your camp soundsystem, several places offer recharging for this as well.

Luggage storage
You can store your luggage for free at every agora at Roskilde Festival.

Service towers
If you need help or have any questions,  go to your nearest service towers where the service guards are based. The service towers can also be used as guideposts. Each tower is provided with a letter, which refers to the area the tower is situated in.

Trash collection
During the festival volunteers hands out trash bags, which you can fill and leave at the fire access roads. The trash bags will be collected daily.

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