until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July
Photo: Laurits Mortensen

Camping info

Around 130,000 people are participating in Roskilde Festival 2014. Most of them live at the camping area and therefor it’s necessary to have some guidelines, so everyone can get a good camp experience. We have described some of the most important and most helpful guidelines below.

Bring only ordinary light-weight camping equipment
For reasons of fire safety, we ask you not to bring living room furniture or similar inflammable components to the camping area. This does not apply to common, lightweight camping equipment, fixed built-in installations in caravans and equipment normally used for tent camping.

Feel free to Bring

Leave at home

• common, lightweight camping furniture

• living room furniture, e.g. armchairs, sofas, coffee and dining tables

• folding and leaf tables

• construction material of any kind

• small deck and folding chairs

• generators and household appliances

• sleeping mats/air matresses

• white pavilions

• foam rubber mattresses

Beverage at the camping area
You’re allowed to bring your own beverages to the camping area. We do also sell beverages from stalls at the camping area, so you will not thirst.

Camping areas B and K: Clean Areas
Do you want to live cleaner and greener but still be able to party all night in your camp? The Clean Areas are for you who value a clean and comfortable camping area and wish to take part in keeping your area clean and free of garbage.

Camping area J: Clean & Silent
Clean & Silent is for those who wish to have a good night’s sleep and a clean camp. To camp in area J you must put your trash in garbage bags and restrain from making noise and playing music past 22.00.

Camping area E: Clean Out Loud
Clean Out Loud is a project focusing on creating a cleaner festival and finding alternative ways of dealing with garbage at the festival. During the festival all camps in the Clean Out Loud area will host events focusing on handling garbage at the festival.

The Clean Out Loud area is fully booked, which means that it won't be possible to set up your camp in area E unless you are already signed up for Clean Out Loud. Read more about Clean Out Loud here (in Danish).

See the preliminary festival map

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