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Photo: Sanne Vinder
Photo: Sanne Vinter

Safety at the camping area

Safety and guidelines at the camping area. Read about security at the festival site and by the scenes here.

Only the regular pavilions (3 x 3 meters) are allowed on the camp site. We hope that this will be respected by all. Our service guards will remove the bigger pavilions, if they take up so much space, that other festival guests won’t be able to find room for their tent.

Fire safety
It only takes three seconds for a tent to burn to the ground. Therefore, it’s necessary to know a few simple guidelines about fire safety on Roskilde Festival.

The camping areas are divided into a number of squares, in which the tents can be placed as close as you wish. Between these squares you’ll find wide roads, and you’re not allowed to place any tents or pavilions here. These roads are meant to prevent fire to spread and for making it possible for service cars or emergency vehicles to get around easily.

Both the service guards and the fire authorities in Roskilde are very aware of and strict about the fire safety at the camp areas.

These rules must be followed on the camping area:

  • All use of open fire at the camping area is prohibited. Please use the specific areas for campfire instead. Fire also refers to candles, oil lamps etc.
  • It is not allowed to bring or use generators at the festival camp areas.
  • It is not allowed to put up tents on the fire access roads or within the safety distance from the high-voltage lines. This also counts the guy ropes from the tents.
  • It is not allowed to bring building materials to the camping areas, including large metal constructions.
  • Besides small camping chairs it is not allowed to bring furniture out of the ordinary.
  • It is recommended that all guests also follow the instructions given by the festival service guards.

You’ll find Samaritans at the camping areas every day around the clock. These guys will help you if you’re hurt, sick or have questions.

Service towers
Through the years, Roskilde Festival has been using service towers. These towers are not watchtowers, but service towers where the service guards stands on top and keeps an eye out for fire, theft and other inconvenient episodes. It is not possible for festival guests to enter the tower. Access is restricted to the guards and others with a special errand.
The service towers can also be used as guideposts. They are provided with a letter, referring to the area the tower is in.

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